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Hoodies are so comfy that most young people now own several of them. Hoodies have come of age with many uniqe and upscale styles that weren't available just a few years ago.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about hoodies. There are a lot of hoody styles and designs out there. Please email tips and advice to

Teenagers on Beach in Hoodies


Don't leave home without it. If you are a baby boomer, you may have missed the very concept of the hoodie. A hoodie isn't a large coat with a hood. It is actually a jacket of varying thicknesses that can be worn to help keep you warm.

Hoodie Trend

Hoodies are a national trend. They are worn almost every day of spring, fall, and winter. If you go to a school and look around, you will find that the majority of the kids wear hoodies. This is especially true at the high school level.

Today, hoodies can be very thin. In fact, many hoodies cost the same price as a shirt. And, a lot of people will actually wear a hoodie as a shirt. Some hoodies are made to be warm and only worn in cold weather, like a coat.

The big advantage of a hoodie is that it is light weight and can be worn almost anywhere comfortably. Many winter coats are so large that they are more of a pain to wear, in school, that they are worth. A hoodie is a different matter. Hoodies are warm enough and they can be worn all day long without getting much in the way.

The other main factor about hoodies is that they look great and can convey your own personal style. A large winter coat is too expensive to have a lot of and the choices in style are not that great. Many people like to have a lot of hoodies and that way they can express their style every day whether it is cold or not.

To really fit in, you will need to have at least one weeks worth of hoodies. You might also have two weeks worth of hoodies, if the funds are available. That means that you should have enough that you can wear a different hoodie every day. If you are a baby boomer, or older, the idea of having a lot of hoodies may seem a little off. However, keep in mind that they do not cost much more than a shirt. And, the hoodies of yesteryear were built a lot differently with different goals in mind.

Women Hoodies

Women like hoodies, a lot, because they are so fashionable and because they get cold so easily. Wearing a hoodie, every day, will help make it so that you do not get cold. Women should not be overly concerned with their hair and not use the hood. The hood is the part that keeps you the warmest because that is where you lose most of the heat in the body.

Women especially like pink and white hoodies. They may also wear other dark colors like black and brown. If you look at how women wear hoodies, you will see that the hoodie is more of a fashion statement that goes with a certain outfit than it is a catch all to keep warm.

Men Hoodies

Men like to wear hoodies that are dark. Black hoodies are the most popular style of men hoodies. Some men also like to wear a grey hoodie at the gym or a college hoodie at the game or on game days. Men love hoodies to stay warm during times working outdoors, as well. A good warm hoodie can also be worn in layers and the hood can make a large difference in how men feel.

Teen Hoodies

Teens like to wear hoodies that say something unique. Many of the teen hoodies have unique graphics and colors on them. Some of the more popular hoodies have dragons or bright colors like tiger stripes. Black is also a popular teen hoodie, but you can expect to get some real 3d art on it.

Child Hoodies

If you have a little one, you know how important it is to keep them warm. Children love to wear hoodies because it keeps them warm and the wind out of their ears. Many people worry about their child being warm enough. Since so much body heat is lost out of the head (75%), it makes sense to use a hoody to keep a child warm.

High End Hoodies

Hoodies have traditionally been worn by hoodlums, that is where the name came from. However, like most trends, the “outcast” people know a good thing when they see it. People have learned that a nice hoodie has real value. It has also helped that some major name brand companies have picked up on this. For example, Aeropostale and Hollister both sell hoodies as one of their main clothing items.

The trend has even caught on in high end department stores. Nowadays, you can purchase a fine cashmere or merino wool hoodie. There are hoodies that are made of leather and that are lined with fine wool. There are hoodies that have holographic images on them. The point is that hoodies are not just for casual dress anymore. Some of the higher end hoodies are as nice as any other business or professional clothing out there. Hoodis have rally come of age when they sell in high end department stores for hundreds of dollars.

Wearing a Hoodie as a Shirt

Believe it or not some people like to wear a hoodie as a shirt. In years past, a hoodie was seen as a cold weather item. The perception has changed. Hoodies are now worn for all types of occasions. One of those occasions is that they are actually worn as a shirt. People will wear the hoodie one time and wash it, as they do a shirt. In light of this fact, people will need to have multiple hoodies in their closet to make it work.

It sounds weird, but there are so many different hoodies out there. Some hoodies are very thin material. They don't feel weird to wear as a shirt because they are really about the same thickness as a shirt. Thin material hoodies are great because they keep you cool and look great. Please keep in mind that most people actually wear a thin tee shirt under their hoodie.

Hoodie Accessories

One of the most fun hoodie accessory is an led zipper light. Some of the new and very tiny zipper lights are very bright due to new led technology. You can put one on the zipper and use it to find your keys in the dark, to find the keyhole, and to just get around. Do you ever get tired of looking for the right key. The zipper light makes coming home at night a lot easier.

Some other hoodie accessories are matching bags and matching hats. You can actually make a whole outfit around the hoodie.

Unique Phrase Hoodies

There are so many hoodies out there and most of them are plain. However, you can also order a lot of very unique hoodies that say some pretty funny things. The hoodie site called Neighborhoodies has hoodies that say things like Obama is My Homeboy and John McCain is not my friend. There are hoodies for almost everything. Most of the hoodies are meant to be funny and a little outrageous. That's what makes them fun.

Buying Tips

When purchasing a hoodie, don't just get the warmest one. Find a hoodie that fits your unique style and personality. The ideal wardrobe will have some thin fabric hoodies, some thick fabric hoodies, and some sherpa lined hoodies. Having more than one style of hoodie allows you to change your wardrobe with the weather.






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